Orchids of Prince Edward

The Fantastically Fragrant Flora of Prince Edward

Who doesn’t love the vibrant colors and magnificent smells of flowers, herbs and plants? If you live in a large city, I mean large, like Hong Kong, and you don’t yearn for that every now and then, well, then just move along. But, if you do, like we do, and you live in HK or will soon visit, then jump on the MTR and make a stop at Prince Edward.

Smack in the middle of the city, in the heart of the Kowloon side, lies one of the largest and most wonderful flower markets anywhere. Sometimes referred to as the Mong Kok Flower Market, it’s high on my list as one of the great things to do while in Hong Kong. Busy, yes. Worth it, yes. Fragrant, always…

Don’t get me wrong, I adore just about everything that makes a great city like Hong Kong, well, Hong Kong. But, I absolutely love my nature and all that goes with it. I need to smell fragrance, feel and see the beautiful leaves, branches and foliage. It’s an absolute must for me, and for many other nature lovers.

Hilcia Fondling the Flora

So, getting my nature fix every so often, beyond the incredible hiking trails and gorgeous beaches (which are another post to come soon), is a must. For me, there is no better or easier way to do it then by making a visit to the Flower Market.

The incredible abundance and wide variety of plants make the visit not only required for my nature fix, but always interesting. You can find just about everything there, from bougainvilleas and palms, to Venus fly traps and succulents. If you need something specific for your home or apartment, whether indoors or outdoors, large or small, this place has it.

One of the beauties of taking a trip to the Flower Market is that’s it’s totally free. It’s not easy to say that about many things nowadays. Besides, being free, it’s a perfect outing for young and old alike. Finally, if you do land upon one of the many beauties as a fit for your home, the prices are fantastic.

Little Green Beauty

How to get there: Take the MTR to Prince Edward. Get out at Exit A or B1 and walk towards Mong Kok Stadium.

Hours: Open daily from 9:30am until 7:30pm. Get there early for best selection and to avoid larger crowds.

Finally, one of our favorite dim sum restaurants is in the same neighborhood, same MTR exit, One Dim Sum. A previously recognized Michelin star restaurant, and incredibly affordable (think cheap!), it’s our go to whenever we visit the Flower Market. You absolutely must try them!

Where to eat: One Dim Sum – 209 Tung Choi Street, Prince Edward

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