Our goal is to inspire others to travel, explore and learn how a little bit of “local” can go a long way…

Enjoy and be adventurous!

We are a busy species…we humans.  Sometimes, most days, through our incredibly complex and challenging daily schedules, we forget that there is a world of beauty, wonder and excitement just outside our windows.  There is a world that awaits exploration and invites us to look beyond the daily routine, to look beyond our comfort zone, to look beyond what we know.  It is one that enriches the senses, challenges the mind, can make us laugh uncontrollably and bring us to tears with its rich gorgeous glory…that world may be thousands of miles away in a secluded jungle or down an alleyway in your own backyard.

We look to encourage local travelers, avid adventurers and those bitten by the wanderlust bug with stories of the amazing people and rich places that fill this world.  We hope that their stories and their “local” will inspire you as much they do us.

Remember, what’s outside our window is just a few steps away…

Jameel & Hilcia


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