Rules of Travel

Whether you are traversing through the urban sprawl of Shanghai or wandering about the temples at Angkor Wat, there are always better ways to explore the culture, the people and the environment of whatever local you find yourself in…these are just a few that we subscribe to…

  1. Read. Read about where you’re going – before you go.  Sounds obvious, but a little bit of knowledge and information beforehand, can go a long, long way.
  2. Be respectful. Respect in any culture, whether you are in a major city or a small village is priceless. Respect for the customs, people, culture, environment…you get it. Treat wherever you go as you would like your “local” treated.
  3. Learn a few words in the “local” language. Knowing how to say “thank you” in Laos and “good morning” in Cuba can help you open doors that you might not have been able to get through. People everywhere truly appreciate when travelers take the time to know their language.
  4. Be friendly. As long as you are aware of your surroundings, there’s no need to be cold or fearful. Open up, make some new friends, share your story. People around the world love to hear how the other side lives. Plus, I guarantee it will open your travels to being able to see the true local of the world.
  5. Be spontaneous.  Stop the urge to plan your whole day, adventure or exploration…don’t always include the expected. Get off the beaten path, shift away whenever you can from the so-called touristy things to do. I guarantee you will create memories and experiences that will be incredibly unique and last you a lifetime.

Safe Travels,

Jameel & Hilcia


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