Photologue – The Faces of Cambodia

The people of Cambodia have been through it all…they have borne witness to the horrors of war, lived through genocide and experienced incredible poverty and hunger.  They are also currently bearing witness to glimmers of hope and a brighter tomorrow, although it still does not come easy to the people of this amazingly beautiful country.

Cambodian people are a proud people, a strong people.  Their Buddhist faith carries them through and fills them with humility. Their faces reflect the complexity of their life…one part sorrow, two parts joy.  There is a serene beauty in their expression and so much more to these fantastic people than what lies beyond their smiles.

Photography by Jameel & Hilcia


Mies Sovan - Friend

Woman Selling Amulets at Angkor

The Children of Cambodia

Cambodian Blessings

A Child Vendor at Angkor

Cambodian Performers at Angkor

Cambodian Palm Sugar Vendor

Vendor on Tonle Sap Lake

Child Vendors at the Wat

Father and Son - Dragon Boat Captains

Cambodian Mother and Child on Tonle Sap

The Children of Tonle Sap

Dragon Boat Captain

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