Hong Kong – Step Into the Past…Tai O

So, it’s been a few months since we’ve posted. Work has been super busy, I’m constantly traveling for work, and Hilcia is on a Project in Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong.

So, among daily protests, political strife and stressful surroundings, there is still the need, no, more of a must, to step away, even if just for a moment, to catch one’s breath, to unwind and let go. So, this weekend, a visit to Old Hong Kong was truly required.

Tai O Fishing Village, located on the far side of Lantau Island, and about an hours drive via taxi, is one of the last remaining stilt villages in Hong Kong. It is a real step back in time, where the busy world has slowed down to a peaceful pace. There is community. There are families that support one another. There is a different way of life.

Woven baskets with fish drying out in the sun, fresh vegetables for sale, and local people living their daily life, are just what you would expect and what you need to clear your head from the grind of Hong Kong life.

Here you will find beautiful old rickety bridges connecting home after home as they hover above the seas and estuary. Wooden scraps, metal planks, ropes and other objects help connect these bridges and connect these people. These local people are friendly and connected. Connected to one another, connected to this place and connected to this way of life.

Rising in the distance is the beautiful Lantau landscape, making for a gorgeous backdrop for this lovely fishing village. Textures, color and the vibrancy of life fill this place and resonate within the many wanderers that visit here.

Finally, as the sun gets ready to set upon this beautiful historic place, grab a refreshing cocktail just up the road and watch as another day sets upon the horizon while the sleepy water buffalo pass you by….


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