Hilcia and Jameel

Cheers to 2019!

It’s been an incredibly busy year for Hilcia and I as we worked through the completion of another amazing Project opening, traveled to numerous wonderful locations, relocated back to Los Angeles and now prepare to move to Hong Kong for the next big gig!

We started the New Year with the completion of our trip to the Philippines with a wonderful time on Boracay. A total tourist pit stop, but a place you’ve got to visit, this newly cleaned beach was definitely a perfect spot for sun, sand, adult beverages and great sea food street food…


Jameel in Philippines

Boracay Meal


Next, another great trip to Havana, except this time to experience the incredible Havana Biennial. Fantastic works of art around every corner of the city, throw in our favorite rum cocktails and Cuban restaurants, and you’ve got a trip of a lifetime…

Havana Biennial

Another trip to London to visit family, one of our favorite cities on this planet, but this time with an emphasis on the incredible food that this place has to offer.  Mediterranean, Thai, Sri Lankan, on and on and on, there is literally every type of wonderful dish from every type of culture one could desire! An astonishing foodie tour…

Hoppers Cocktails

Hoppers Dishes

Smoking Goat Dishes

Barrafina Chef

With our relocation back from Orlando to Los Angeles, with a new relocation for the next Project to Hong Kong, Hilcia started to explore and lay out our next adventures in Asia…

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Local

Hong Kong Fishing Village

Hilcia in Hong Kong

The absolute highlight of the year was our amazing trip to the Galapagos Islands! Vibrant, astonishing, stunning…are just a few of the words that can be used to try to express our sentiments for what we saw, heard, felt on the adventure of a lifetime for us both…

Galapagos Sea Turtle

Hilcia Shooting Iguanas

Isabela Island Beach

Hilcia with Galápagos Tortoises

Sierra Negra Volcano Selfie

We hope your 2019 was as incredible and memorable as ours was and that you never stop travelling or dreaming of the next “local yet not” place you’ll visit…

Cheers to 2019! We can’t wait to celebrate and share our next adventures in 2020 with each other and with you!


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