Mi Casa Supper Club

Traveling south along Baja Highway One, just north of Rosarito Beach, it’s incredibly easy to lose one’s attention as you breathe in the salty sea air, feel the warm sunshine on your face and resist the urge to stop your car…

But that would be a very big mistake, because just there on your right, in the Baja Malibu area is the breathtakingly beautiful restaurant, Mi Casa Supper Club, that will leave the memory of Baja fusion cuisine on your tongue that you will soon not forget.

Started by husband and wife team, Dennis & Bo, Mi Casa Supper Club presents a savory blend of Mexican fresh fused with Moroccan zest and provides inspired food that awaits your taste buds.  Conceived and run by the lovely Chef Bo, originally from Morocco until the age of six, the restaurant is a stunning mix of food, interior design, music and ambiance, all the inspired concept of Bo and her gifted vision.

Here you will find many superb choices, but high on my list is the braised lamb with mole sauce over saffron scented couscous…absolutely decadent, and as richly flavored as you would expect for such a wonderful combination of ingredients!

The lovely and talented Bo

We had the pleasure to sit down with Bo and ask her a few questions…

Us: What inspired you to start Mi Casa Supper Club?

Bo: It started as a fund-raiser for the Club de Los Ninos y Ninas de Rosarito, with a special dinner.  The response to my cooking was so overwhelming that we were asked by the community if we would do other dinner events.  Ultimately, it kept growing and took over our house, so we decided to build this spot and separate the restaurant from the house.

Us: What was the idea behind fusing Mexican and Moroccan cuisine?

Bo: Cooking is a very natural extension of myself, it’s part of my history and my family…my mother always said that if I didn’t learn how to cook, I would never find a husband (laughter)! But, in reality, cooking is in my blood, as my grandfather was a renown chef in Casablanca.  The concept of fusing foods is so abundant in Morocco with the blending of French and Moroccan cuisines everywhere, so blending Mexican with Moroccan was just a natural progression.  We call our mix “Moroxican”. Not spicy, but savory and flavorful.

Us: Who are your heroes?

Bo: My mother.  She’s incredibly strong and loved by everyone.  I hope that I become her eventually.  I would also love to cook for President Obama…my food is about breaking down walls, about mixing cultures.  I think he would appreciate and understand our inspired food.

…my food is about breaking down walls, about mixing cultures

Us: What’s your favorite local thing to do?

Bo: I love to eat. The food here locally in Baja is incredible, from the amazing olives to the chocolate clams.  I love to visit local restaurants and eat everywhere from Tijuana to the Guadalupe Valley.

Us: Last question…what’s your favorite dish?

Bo: That would be the Moroccan lamb.  It’s slow cooked, marinated 24 hours ahead of time in such a rich mix of spices including ginger, turmeric, cilantro and garlic, then it comes together on a bed of saffron couscous with a decadent mole sauce… I can eat that dish everyday.  Actually, the dish chose us, as it became so popular with our guests!

Thank you Bo…


Add to this scrumptious dish as seen above, a mixed menu that makes one’s mouth tingle with delight… which includes fresh catches, beautifully arranged desserts and a great wine selection…why would you eat anywhere else?!

Lastly, rich decor to compliment the beautifully pared menu…whether you come for brunch and watch as the sun rises or stay for dinner and watch the sunset, you will be in for a wonderful treat and great memory…



Mi Casa Supper Club transcends the old image of Rosarito Beach as the party capital of loud music and quick street tacos to create an exquisite new image of a new Rosarito Beach, one that is sexy, experimental, forward thinking and culturally aspirational.

For more information, please visit Mi Casa Supper Club here: http://micasasupperclub.com

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