Yangon, Myanmar – Ancient City of Movement

Myanmar is a country that has always fascinated Hilcia & myself.  It’s a land of beauty, mystery and ancient cultures that are just opening up for exploration by Travellers such as us.  As this year’s Lunar New Year came to an end, I was reminded  of our trip to Yangon with my mother and the incredible sights we saw during the time spent there.

We met truly wonderful, friendly local people along our way and as with most of our trips, spent way too little time in such an amazing and exotic locale.  We plan to return soon to explore the over two thousand temples around the country, especially in Bagaan, as well as  push farther north to see the last royal capital of Myanmar, Mandalay, and the marvelous Inle Lake and region.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video with a peek into Yangon and its many wonders…


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