DTLA – General Lees @ Chinatown

Saturday Night in DTLA Chinatown… Danny “Dannyboy” Lucas Art Show @ General Lees…great show, great crowd, great bar!  This past weekend, we attended his opening at General Lee’s, and as expected, were presented with fantastic work!  More on Daniel later, as we follow his adventures around LA…this post is about the venue, the über cool General Lee’s.

Growing up in LA, my parents would bring us to Chinatown every so often to eat at one of the many Old School restaurants that had been stationed there since forever.  But, as happens with most of us, we tend to move away, grow fond of other places, or just forget about places like this.  Chinatown was never spectacular when I was a kid, it was much more novelty.


But, things are changing down in Chinatown now.  What was once forgotten and dated is now revitalized and cool.  General Lee’s is already setting the bar for what is possible and what can be done. As you walk through the streets of the courtyard, you might possibly walk right past this place without even knowing it.  There in the corner, pass through the drapes, and you will be instantly transported into the past, while keeping your feet definitely in the present.

The dark, speakeasy feel of old wood, Asian inspired decor and open space invites you to explore.

General Lee’s dates back to the late 1870’s, which in LA history, is ancient.  It was  one of the many popular watering holes for Hollywood A-listers during the 1940’s until it closed it’s doors in 1985.  Here we are now, and the newly reborn, refreshed, chic bar would make the original proud.

Attentive bartenders, either downstairs or up, with great recommendations will be waiting for you as you peruse the bottles and menu.  Lounge around upstairs for a chill vibe, or dance to the various dj’s that roll through on different nights.  You will feel the history of this place just as quickly as you will feel the great vibe….



Upstairs @ the Bar


Artist – Daniel Lucas






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