Tea and Scones

The Tea House on Los Rios

Tea Time…I know it sounds crazy to some to actually go to a Tea House in California, but since I was a kid the Tea House on Los Rios has been a place where my mom, sister and I would go to get away from our typical weekend outings and spend a few hours having some girl time together.  We LOVE coming here…  

The Tea House on Los Rios


The Tea House has a great variety of teas, including my favorite, a caffeine free tea named “Bourbon Street Vanilla”.  Pair this together with their assorted finger sandwiches, heart shaped scones and homemade raspberry preserves and cream and you will be in heaven.  The Tea House itself, originally an old wood frame home with an outdoor porch, was converted into a Tea House and Garden where many people can now hold events and celebrations. I even celebrated my 15th birthday here with my high school friends…many years ago. For me, this place is part of my childhood memories, just as much as it is part of the history of this wonderful area.

Throughout the years, as my sister and I have moved away and established our own lives, my mom still finds time to set up some tea dates with us.  It’s not just about tea,  but a place of nostalgia for us…a place to enjoy some good food, lounge on an old porch, watch the people stroll on down the street, a place to sit and unwind and share our daily happenings and stories with one another.

The Tea House is located on Los Rios Street, a Historic District in San Juan Capistrano, near the train station and near the old San Juan Capistrano Mission.


Los Rios Tea Menu

Sugar Time

Los Rios Interior

Tea Eclectic

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