Photo by Hilcia Pena

The Great Gobi Desert – Video Diary

Looking back at some of our amazing adventures throughout Asia, one of my favorites and a truly unique experience was our trip to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.  Both Hilcia & I found the incredible journey inspiring, tranquil and adventurous all at the same time…

The Gobi is mysterious in nature, a silent and as still  a place on the planet that one can visit.  Yet, it is truly alive with people, animals, plants and marvelous sites that will be sure to enhance your daily life with incredible memories.

I realized looking back through previous posts that I had not shared our video with all of you, although I have shared it on my own personal page.  So, without further ado, here is our own little video diary to inspire you to think about planning your trip and create your own incredible memories along the way!


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