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Manila can be a difficult city to embrace.  The stifling heat, snarling traffic, air pollution and crowds can give even the most advanced traveller a challenge.  But, when all else fails, there’s nothing that great drink and fantastic food can’t cure…

Well, Your Local in the Makati section of town is that cure for that ailment.

Located in the Legaspi Village area in Makati, one might just walk right past the restaurant.  It’s just inside a nondescript office building with small letters just above the window letting you know that you’ve arrived.  Walk up the steps and into the unmarked door and you’ll know you’re there by the energy of the place.

Your Local Window

Menu Board

I suggest grabbing a counter seat, which happens to be one of the best seats in the house. From there, you can watch real food art in action.  The small but efficient kitchen works up a sweat as they go through the wonderful paces of food making and prep work.  Flames lick the ceiling, brushes paint on delicious sauces and beautifully appetizing dishes are put out for the discerning guest that would love to partake.

The menu is Southeast Asian with a twist…

Delicious Menu

Kitchen Prep

Interior - Your Local

I was fascinated sitting at the counter and watching as the kitchen produced dish after dish, with little dance steps as they moved to the music.  The pure synchronization with one another was a joy to behold!

After asking many questions about what dish was being created next, I settled on the Steak Fried Rice – 150 g of spiced Wagyu, sunny side up eggs with fresh herbs on shiitake fried rice.  Rich, filling, delicious…Top it off with a house made Sea Salt Lemonade and you’re set for the day.  Of course, if you’re craving a more adult beverage, those are available as well.

Steak Fried Rice

Other popular dishes on the menu are the Torched Salmon Donburri – Torched Norwegian salmon, mentaiko, odor, ebiko and salmon skin on roast corn and shiitake black rice…

Torched Salmon Donburri

Ready to Eat

Here’s a peek at few other beauties they provide…

Delicious Menu

Chili Crab Buns

Your Local Eats

Whatever wonderfully rich dish you choose, relish in the thought that some pride, a bit of fun and a whole lot of love were added ingredients.


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