Experience Cambodia – Angkor Wat

For Hilcia & I, life is all about experiences.  The more we have, the richer we feel.  One of the most amazing and enriching experiences we have had, was to visit beautiful Siem Reap, Cambodia, and the many, many Wats that can be found throughout the vast landscape there. 

We will share our visits to the many other Wats in future posts, but this one is about the incredible, majestic and historic Angkor Wat…

Angkor in Morning
For many a traveler, Angkor is an incredibly ancient and mysterious place. It’s always been near the top of my “must sees” and it’s easy to see why it’s like that for many others once you stand in the grand shadow of the temple. Despite the crowds, and believe me, there are crowds, you can find a many a spot of peace and tranquility somewhere among the vast grounds. 

Little Angkor

Angkor Closeup

We recommend walking behind the main structure, along the back road. There you will find families of monkeys foraging, playing and just being monkeys. The smaller structures you’ll find back there are beautifully detailed and more accessible. Actually, walking the outer grounds is great as well, as you can explore the fields and smaller temple remnants. 

Angkor Ceiling

Angkor Details

Angkor Pond

For a great many wanderers, Angkor at sunrise or sunset is a must do pilgrimage. I would have to agree… Watching the spectacle of visitors jockeying for optimal camera position is a sight onto itself. 

Sunrise Crowd at Angkor

We have seen the mighty Angkor at both times, and if you happen to have just the right light, at the right time of year, the site you will see will take your breath away. We were lucky enough to catch a breathtaking sunset, just after a magnificent storm had just passed through. The wet grounds, magnified the brilliant rays of the sun’s fading light to literally paint Angkor with an incredible golden glow that I will never forget. 

Sunset at Angkor

Caught in the Rain

Storm Over Angkor
Glorious Angkor at Sunset

If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of this incredible place as we did, we highly recommend doing it rather quickly. As more and more people are visiting South Asia, the unlimited access to parts of the many beautiful Wats around Siem Reap is slowly being controlled and reduced. Besides, why would you wait to put this beauty on your “bucket list” when you can see it now while you’re truly living! 

J at Angkor

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