Laotian Novice Monks

Faces of the Places…

Sometimes, it’s not just about the places you travel to…it’s about the people you meet.

Great memories begin with the people you meet along the way and the culture and essence of your destination depends on them.

Hilcia & I have been lucky enough to have traveled to so many amazing destinations and to have met so many incredible people along the way, that most of our memories harken back to include their soft smiles, beautifully wrinkled skin and sad and worldly eyes.  Our memories of these people of the world live with us and in us, and affect us profoundly, just as much as watching the sun set over a Laotian jungle or the sharing of a meal under the Milky Way in the Gobi Desert.

Here we share their beauty, as best as we can capture, as part of our journey…

Sunny - Shanghai

Zay - Yangon

Gobi Goat Herder

Cuban Boy

Yangon Twenty Somethings

Gobi Matriarch

Laotian Novice Monks

Gobi Guide & Friend

Cuban School Children

Shanghai Gentleman

Mongolian Children

Yangon Beauty

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