Vegetarian Orlando? Why Not?!

It may be hard to believe for those that consider the South, especiallly Central Florida, as a potential hot bed for hip, but knock down those assumptions because you’re in for a treat. 

Located in Downtown Orlando, in the Thai Town area, lies a wonderful little Vegetarian surprise done right. 

Enter the Sanctum

Sanctum Calendar

Sanctum Dining

The Sanctum gets it done without being pretentious or cliche. The breakfast that we had was simply amazing, fresh and deliciously filling, and that coming from a committed carnivore. 

Sanctum Table Setting

Sanctum Poached Eggs

Breakfast Closeup
Breakfast Goodies

I had the poached eggs over sour dough with watermelon radish and guacamole, a beautifully pleasant dish to view. Add in a spoonful of their incredible, and perfectly spiced I might say, homemade salsa and you have a winner! I complemented mine with their version of a mocha with almond milk, which was truly delicious. Hilcia went for the peanut butter blueberry smoothie which was outstanding as well, of course I had to try hers…

Outdoor Detail

The Sanctum also has vegan and gluten free options for those that require them. They may even make this carnivore change his old and meaty ways!

You can check out more here:

The Sanctum Cafe
Eat local and enjoy!

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