Hip Havana!- Sia Kara

Yes, Havana has the amazing vintage cars, beautiful architecture and fabulous music. But, it is also a city yearning to modernize, be hip, chic and break out of the traditional stereotypes. The city’s bars and restaurants are the one’s leading this trend, along with the many young artists around the Vedado area of Havana. 

Sia Kara is just one of those many restaurant/bars trying to push through and make a name for themselves. Located literally across the street from the Capitol, on the Chinatown side (yes there is a Havana Chinatown!), Sia Kara embodies the new emerging Havana establishments that are striving towards this cool modernity. 

Sia Kara Interior

Sia Kara Bar Detail

Once you enter the massively tall doors, you will find yourself within an eclectic, fun interior with tables, booths and even a chill out lounge to cozy up in. Bits of Cuban and local Havana history adorn the walls with little twists of anti-establishment kitsch thrown in to the mix. A great amount of collectibles keep your eyes busy throughout your visit…

If you have a pen or marker, you can add to the collection of signatures and well wishes in the lounge area for future guests to read and laugh at…or bring a funky tie and leave it behind, cut your ties. Get it? Get it? 

Table Graffiti

Sia Kara Lounge
Sia Kara Bartender
Sia Kara Collectibles

Besides the typical Cuban rum drinks, Sia Kara serves one of the most wonderful frozen lemonades in Havana. There is no better place to stop while touring around the city on a hot sticky day, than here, for a ice cold refreshment, cool vibes and chill music. It’s always a must for us and a fantastic place to kick up the feet after long walks. 

Sia Kara also has a full menu, so stop on in for lunch, dinner or drinks and you’ll do well. Their pollo (chicken) and cerdo (pork) are quite delicious. 

Sia Kara Menu

Sia Kara Pollo
More Collectibles


Sia Kara Ties

Havana has so much more to offer than just cigars, cars and ancient buildings. She wants to grow, help her do so and visit her streets, her restaurants and cafes, her young artists. Sia Kara is a shining example of that growth and of the proud people that are willing and working hard towards the change that can be. 

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