Tonel Sap

Tonle Sap – A Cambodian River Experience

Besides the magnificent and beautiful ruins of Angkor Wat and the numerous surrounding temples Siem Reap, there are actually other amazing things to do and experience.  A river tour on one of the rivers that flow into Tonle Sap Lake is definitely one of them.

Tonle Sap is actually the largest fresh water lake in all of South east Asia, which is something to say scale-wise for such a small country as Cambodia.  The lake also feeds into the Mighty Mekong River and is such an incredible giver of life in Cambodia, its importance can’t even be valued.  I won’t go into the history and geography of it, you can check that out yourself, but it is something to behold.

When my mom visited Hilcia & I in Asia, this was one of the adventures we took her on, and it turned out to be not only an incredible memory for her, but one that we will never forget either…


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