Go Beyond the Themeparks – Orlando’s Backyard Trails

It’s been about 2 months now since I’ve settled into my Orlando home, and everyday I pass the Tibet-Butler preserve on my drive home, wondering what the heck is in there?  Well, with my Dad and Step-mom visiting me for the weekend, I decided it would be a perfect time to check it out with them in town.

It was a cold, crisp but clear and sunny day, and perfect for a stroll out. We walked up to the main welcome facility and noticed there were turtles hiding from the cold air as a family was enjoying a nice picnic under the trees. The air was clean and brisk and a map stood before us with some trails to follow. So, why not? We ventured into the wilderness to see what we would discover.

Preserve EntranceBeautiful tall and slender pine trees surrounded us as the sun cast its rays between them. It was quiet and yet you could hear nature breathing all around us. We tried following the trails, but had to back track after going too deep into the thicker off-trail areas. Other families, both younger and older, with small kids, were enjoying the wonderful surroundings. We walked over a wooden bridge, which hovered over the silky wet soil and swampy water, and walked until we arrived at the lookout of one of the local large lakes. The short hike was just long enough to get some blood flowing and to give us a wonderful break, while getting off the beaten path of a typical day.

Preserve MossTibet-Butler PinesDad and IPreserve BridgePreserve Woods

If you think that theme parks are all that Orlando has to offer, then you will definitely miss out on some amazing natural habitats to explore. The Tibet-Butler Preserve is just one of those areas that might change your perception!

You can check out more about hiking Orlando and Florida here:

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