Felipe and Sons – Pamper Yourself Manila Style

So, while working between Los Angeles and Orlando for my Project, including numerous four day business trips to Asia, and now just moving the condo across country…whew…I’m completely ready for some pampering and me time.

I could not have found a better option and more invigorating spot, than Manila barbershop and haberdashery, Felipe and Sons.

A small chain of old school shops, Felipe and Sons cater to those men who are in need of some proper primping and pampering.

I mean who doesn’t want a cocktail or ice cold beer while they’re getting an amazing shave, with hot towels, facial massage and a hair cut, or in my case a head buzz. It felt like I had stepped back in time, into one of those places my grandfather would frequent. The only exception here, was the cool chill music playing through the house system, and of course, a San Miguel well within my reach.

My barber made me feel like a king. He made sure I was comfortable, my beer was cold, my towel was hot, but not too hot…really attentive. Maybe you’re looking for tailor made shirts or a suit while you’re enjoying your cocktail, or why but combine all the comforts and enjoy a shave and cut….go for it, you deserve it, get pampered, no need to feel guilty.

Anyways, the owners of Felipe and Sons have created a wonderful environment where a man can get it all done. They cater to current men’s lifestyle needs perfectly, and have, as they themselves say, also payed homage to the many Filipino men and shops before them in a most eloquent, respectful and yet hip way.

For more information, please visit their website here: Felipe and Sons

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