MAIIAM – Chiang Mai’s Contemporary Treasure

Chiang Mai is not all things ancient. Yes, the city is over 700 years old, it’s filled with magnificent historical temples, and even it’s culinary options can be tied back to the history of the city itself….but, there is also a contemporary side to Chiang Mai. 

There are some amazing artists rising within this great city, street artists, tattooists, designers and on and on. They are influenced by the 700 years of her history just as much as they are by Instagram and the digital era. These artists are changing the perception of what Thai art is and giving a more complex insight into the history, old and new, the politics and spiritual beliefs of this wonderfully ancient and mysterious place. 

And luckily for us, there is no better place to see this mix than at the MAIIAM. The word itself, according to their site, is a play on words, and is a double entendre meaning “brand new”. This fantastic boutique museum, located in the cultural district of Sankampang, just twenty minutes outside the city center, has truly captured the essence, the spirit of contemporary Thai culture. 

MAIIAM Exterior

Inside the MAIIAM
Founded by the Bunnag-Beurdeley family in 2016, this award winning museum houses an amazing permanent collection and as well as ever changing, thought provoking exhibitions. The architectural space is beautiful, light and airy, as you are invited inside through a large mirrored facade reminiscent of traditional Thai architecture with that great contemporary flair. 

Here are some of the many wonderful images of our visit from a few months back…their rotating exhibit has changed since, so go explore and see what’s exciting and awaiting your own personal visit. 

The architects, the founders and curators should all be very proud of such a great achievement, as well as what they have given back to the community. The space, the art and the inspiration are all enjoyed daily by locals and visitors alike, and a must if you happen to visit the wonderful city of Chiang Mai. 

For further information, please visit their website here:


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